Atlas Pit, or the Garbage Man’s Son, produced by Los Angeles New Court Theatre and presented at Working Stage.  From StageSceneLA:

…Johansen digs deep into a man’s carefully hidden skeletons.

*named one of the year’s best performances in a supporting role,  LA Intimate Theatre, Drama, by Steven Stanley, critic at StageSceneLA.

Copenhagen produced by the Metropolitan Ensemble Theatre in Kansas City-
From the KansasCity Star:
…Herman Johansen as Bohr…declares himself an actor to contend with. His Bohr is clearly conceived and smoothly executed. The performance is a deft balance of ego, vulnerability, humor and bombast.
From The Pitch:
Herman Johansen, who plays Bohr … is often extraordinary, as adroit with Frayn’s great wads of science talk as he is at crafting a living relationship with … Margrethe.

Omnium Gatherum at the Unicorn Theatre in Kansas City-
From the Kansas City Star:
…Garret, as usual, captures some outstanding performances with…Johansen taking top honors.

The Odd Couple at the New Theatre Restaurant-
From the Kansas City Star:
…much of the humor comes from the interaction of the card players and the principal. Herman Johansen… provides crisp character work and some beautifully timed… moments.

Hanky Panky at the KC Fringe Festival-From the Kansas City Star:
…it’s a strong cast (with) gifted actors, with nice work from Herman Johansen…
Hanky Panky at the Midtown International Theatre Festival in New York City. From Talkin’ Broadway Off Broadway:
…incredibly detailed characters…and fantastic performances…

From the Rapid City Journal on shows at the Black Hills Playhouse in South Dakota-
Moon Over Buffalo Broadway quality…superbly…and cleanly played. As George Hay, Johansen shines…his perfect comedic timing delivers many laughs.

The Boys Next Door (Rapid City Journal and Hill City Prevailer-News)
Johansen as … Arnold Wiggins is terrific… (he) allows his character’s numerous quirks to be ever-present without tedious overstatement….(Johansen) has incredible range in his performance…full of emotion, making him a favorite in the show.
Brighton Beach Memoirs Johansen especially demonstrates incredible range as both an empathetic family man and typical harassed Jewish head-of-the-house.

A Christmas Carol (Pensacola News Journal)
There’s not a hint of melodrama or overly-affected stage technique in Johansen’s Scrooge (performed) with a realism that allows us to feel the character’s pain — pain that surges forth as anger and cold-heartedness until it is finally ripped away… Johansen gives audiences an opportunity to identify with the character’s mounting regret…in his hands, Scrooge is appropriately sardonic with an authentic edge of menace. Johansen keeps the character strongly grounded in reality.

Brighton Beach Memoirs at the Landers Theatre in Springfield MO-
From the Springfield News Leader:
Johansen plays the father beautifully, sensitively… (his) scenes are among the best in the play.

Later Life at the Vandivort Theatre in Springfield MO-
From the Springfield News-Leader:
…Herman Johansen … suggests depths that override the constant comic intrusions.

Collisions/Death and the Publican at Just Off Broadway Theatre in Kansas City (Tara Lane productions)-
From The Pitch:
…Herman Johansen, who plays an aging baby boomer…given the most memorable rants…and works them for everything they’re worth….Johansen is compelling.

Free Man of Color at Founders Park in Springfield MO-
From Peter Filichia (
…(one) of the town’s most acclaimed performers…Johansen…provided (a) dynamic performance…

And as a director:

Agnes of God at the Vandivort Center Theatre in Springfield MO-
From the Springfield News-Leader:
…and the reason you should see the production lies in the thoughtful direction by Herman Johansen and the excellent performances…
My Name is Rachel Corrie at the Unicorn Theatre in Kansas City-
From The Pitch:
(director) Johansen summon(s) the world around Corrie with well-realized moments of grace (and) with rare and admirable courage…stare(s)down the great questions of the age.